Streets Alive During Lee’s Summit Downtown Days

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Lee’s Summit, June 4, 2011 – This year’s Downtown Day’s in Lee’s Summit is far more successful in the first day than last year. Marilyn Bryan of Magnetic Jewelry and Gemstone Designs has seen great foot traffic and people are willing to stop in, browse and buy our products. A couple from Greenwood that had been shopping at the booth (see picture) thought that the expansion of the food and bar-b-cue court gave people more to enjoy at Downtown Days this year.

The crowd mingled down Third Street in Lee’s Summit’s Downtown and enjoyed the great variety of products and services throughout. Places like CJ Creations who offer Handcrafted Wire Jewelry, and Stone River Natural Soaps and Goat Milk Soap.

Downtown Days is for all ages and offers a great area to sit and relax, and watch life go by in a peaceful manner. As a train went by people mingled and talked waiting for it to pass. No one was upset, no one worried, no one cared: it was a moment to enjoy Lee’s Summit’s Downtown and get to know those around you.

This is what a revitalized Downtown brings to our city. It has not lost the charm of a vibrant downtown, it has adapted to the 21st Century without giving up the small town atmosphere of hard working American individuals.

As you walk through the festivities you have great entertainment. Not only the bands on the stages throughout downtown Lee’s Summit, but also on the corner of 3rd and Douglass where a limber young lady twirled fire ropes to the delight of the audience. Young and old were mesmerized as the ropes whirled through the air in a nicely choreographed dance.

With all of the entertainment and shops there is one thing you have to have sooner or later: Food! Ah, the scent of bar-b-cue filled the air as you turned from Third Street along the rail road tracks: The scent of great food and hardworking people preparing the meals for the next onslaught of customers.

Streets Alive is more than the slogan for Downtown Day’s in Lee’s Summit; it is a matter of fact. Hope you came down and enjoyed it with the rest of us.


Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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