Greenwood Elementary wishes two dedicated teachers a fond farewell

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This year at Greenwood Elementary we had two fabulous staff members leaving. We would like to share all about these two special ladies and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors and to know that they will be missed.

First, is Mrs. Libby Dierking. She currently serves as the mentor to our newly graduated MU teachers working this year teaching 3rd and 4th grades. Mrs. Dierking has been teaching for 32 years with 18 of those at Greenwood Elementary. In her career, Mrs. Dierking has taught 2, 3, 5, 6 and middle school math, plus, special education for grades K-12 (Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disabilities and one year at an alternative high school.) Mrs. Dierking’s most successful lesson was taught daily for the kids to care about each other and to use humor. The kids definitely found her class to be a fun place to learn. After retiring from Greenwood, she plans on spending time with her family, especially her folks who are both in their 80s and going strong. She will also be teaching language arts courses at UCM, along with reading, playing golf, and relaxing. She will be taking a 25th wedding anniversary vacation to Hawaii this year. If she could travel any where, she would like to go back to Greece. Mrs. Dierking believes a good teacher is anyone who enjoys sharing life’s experiences with children, who wants to guide them towards their highest personal best and cares about their future successes.

Next, is Mrs. Linda Thee. She has been teaching for 35 years. She has taught grades 2-6 in the classroom and this is the 9th year in the gifted (AIM/ASPIRE) program. Twenty-two years of her teaching career has been at Greenwood Elementary. Mrs. Thee enjoys science and math as hands-on subjects that can be integrated into all other subjects. Students enjoy lessons that they take an active part in, using the skills they learned in class. Her students also enjoyed her reading aloud and doing the voices of the characters. She approaches retirement with mixed emotions because she will desperately miss the students and staff. But plans on spending time with family and friends after retiring. Mrs. Thee is also very interested in doing volunteer work and taking classes. Her dream vacations would be to the Mediterranean (Italy, Greece and Egypt specifically), England/UK and China. She plans a trip to Australia when her husband retires. With her love of learning, enthusiasm for knowledge, and willingness to try new ideas in the class plus her ability to keep students actively involved in their own education and learning, she makes a fantastic teacher!

The Greenwood PTA would like to thank them for their dedicated years of service and wish them well!

article provided by Michele Cobbett, GWE PTA (in photo: Libby Dierking on left, Linda Thee on right)

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