Good riddance to Matt Bartle

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Earlier this month, Matt Bartle was participating in a filibuster against a bill that could keep the Ford Claycomo assembly plant alive. Normally elections are the best way to remove bad politicians from office, but in the 8th Senatorial district of Missouri, the only way to get rid of them is with term limits. This district has a long history of electing people with extremist agendas. The Republicans wanted and got term limits for Missouri. Now, those term limits are about to pay off by removing one of the worst politicians that this area has ever elected to the Missouri state senate.

Bartle has been on the wrong side of many important issues. He opposed somatic cell stem cell research. He went against his own party with that opposition. Starting yesterday, he joined a filibuster to stop a bill that may keep the Ford Claycomo plant alive. Once again he was going against his own party, which supported the bill.

Mothers who hope to have a cure for juvenile diabetes have donated eggs to the Stowers Institute to be used in somatic stem cell research. Using cells from their children, researchers would work to cure them of that horrible disease. Bartle made an effort to block that important work. Now that research is being done in other states that have been more receptive to scientific research. The Stowers have made a huge investment to do that important work, an investment that would have brought many high paying scientific jobs to this area. Now some jobs have gone elsewhere.

Hundreds of jobs at Ford and more jobs at businesses that do business with the Ford Plant could be lost. Losing those jobs in the midst of an economic recovery would be a huge setback for this region and for the state of Missouri. Ford workers would not be the only ones to be hurt by a plant closure. There are suppliers whose businesses depend on Ford as an important customer. Those businesses employ hundreds of additional workers. What of them? When the Leeds Assembly plant closed in Kansas City, workers went through the trauma of losing their long-term employment. Many lost their homes and their families; some took their own lives. Ford may close the Claycomo plant with or without the bill that passed this morning, but it will have been worth the effort to keep that plant open and to save Missouri jobs, Missouri families, and the tax revenues that come with them. Thankfully, that bill passed after Bartle, Chuck Purgason, and Jack Goodman, all Republicans, finally ended their filibuster.

Bartle seems obsessed with strip clubs. For years, he has gone against his own party to regulate them. Republicans are usually opposed to regulating private businesses, but Bartle’s obsession with strip clubs has driven him to push for regulations for those businesses. After eight years of trying, the Republicans finally went along with Bartle’s bill which was passed into law. Again, his anti-business agenda may cost thousands of Missouri workers to lose their jobs.

All of those issues and more will be Matt Bartle’s legacy to the 8th District and to the state of Missouri. May he never hold another elected position in government! Good riddance, Matt, now just go away.

Bob Beigher

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